You Are Too Much Episode 30 English Sub


  • Cuscusgrass

    SMH @ Yoo Hee. She made herself into a desperate woman. She threatened to kill herself in the past, and Hyun Joon was barely tolerating her. Her self entitled, condescending attitude probably turned him off even more.

    LOL @ Hyun Joon’s brother when he told his wife that he’s putting up with her too, He’s tired of her lies, manipulations and mind games. Tired of her schemes….

    SMH @ Ji Na. She doesn’t know how or when to shut her mouth.
    SMH @ Kyung Soo. He said that he has enough money to live comfortably, plus he just sold his business. Yet he’s in the Park household watching his mother get disrespected and hurting when he sees Hae Dang. Dude needs to move out and move on….