You Are Too Much Episode 26 English Sub


  • Cuscusgrass

    Yoo Ji Na thought that she had the upper hand over the vipers in the Park household. Being demanding and condescending doesn’t make her situation any better. She better watch and learn the game. Foolish woman…. She needs to gather “dirt” on all her enemies to survive….

    Don’t know why they bother eating meals together in such a toxic atmosphere. SMH

  • HyunJoon and HaeDang.. so much chemistry..
    HaeDang and KyungSoo.. not so much..
    HaeDang has feelings for HyunJoon, she said so herself that she has become attached and was surprised at how sad she was leaving him..
    I still believe in HyunJoon and HaeDang ending up together..
    There’s too much pain with KyungSoo..too much baggage..
    Although there is a chance YooJna may become good in the end, I still want a HyunJoon + HaeDang ending..
    HyunJoon is willing to give her everything including letting her go so she can be happy.. he loves everything connected to her..
    While KyungSoo, apart from the issues with YooJna he also has some unfinished business with the rich family, re: death of the first wife..
    I don’t think the Mr Park killed the wife.. I think it is more like the Grandmother drove her to her death.. the first wife is the rich side, Mr Park and the grandmother wanted the company so they pushed out the wife’s father and took over.. drove the first wife to kill herself.. firstly her husband didn’t love her, then the company gets taken from her, plus her mother-in-law (the grandmother) is awful to her..
    But I do wish they would hurry it up with the wife’s death thing.. KyungSoo needs to fess up about keeping the letter from HyunJoon, the link which HJ still doesn’t know..