• lola

    gonna miss this swag couple

  • Lindsey Estrada

    I’m so sad this is the last episode! 🙁

  • lemon candy

    hihihihihih last episode!! I’m so sad right now af

  • Namstar “Kookie” Delight

    this drama is swaaaaaagggg as always. gonna miss you all.

  • syifaa

    왜 이렇게 슬픈거야? ㅠㅠ Before it start i already cried, thanks for teaching so many things, will miss this drama

  • Picu

    One of the best drama..will miss you 🙁

  • Tom Bob

    The sweetest, cutest, and happiest kdrama ever!!!

  • Lyricalxx

    Aww this is just a beautiful drama! Thank you for the memories and the teachings x