Uncontrollably Fond Episode 20 English Sub

  • Cha Ritte

    thank you..this is the quickest upload

  • Kim Ha Na

    Hohoho😢 last episode. I’m gonna miss Kim woo Bin

  • dramamomphil

    crying a river watching this last episode. ‘was hoping for some miracle for the drama to end on a happy note! 🙁 thank you for the speedy upload. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Uncontrolllably Fond! Will miss you kim woo bin!!!

  • Aila Lang-lang Ereso

    I am still broken hearted… 🙁

  • Usagi-chan

    nooooo how can this be it i need more of this amazing drama! there is still so much more i want to know so much more they can still tell us :'( i will for ever keep crying! for this such an amazing story!

  • Yuki

    oh gosh! this is so sad 🙁 even sadder with that song playing….

  • LYK 레오나르도

    i actualy wanted to the the ending a bit different ..

  • RiaRindia

    Hope that miracles could happen.. He could recovery by do some surgery even it takes some of his memory … So sad with this ended… 😢😢

  • Ian Sanpedro

    is this the last episode?

  • asin

    last… make me crying a lot. T_T

  • Usagi-chan

    NOOO i just cant they deserved more than anyone a happy ending T.T so sad im heart broken!!

  • Judilyn Mahinay

    my god, because of this im still crying T_T i really love this story

  • prettyagent

    arghhhhh really dont know wether Im happy with the ending or not but it so sad .

  • prettyagent

    Kim Woo Bin you are the only actor that made me cry from the beginning of this drama up to the end. That all seem real , the emotion is just on point. I think I cried for than enough to supply the water in my neighborhood . Kim Woo Bin your the best an d Suzy .