Tunnel Episode 9 English Sub


  • Winda Tan

    I know that adds mean alot to you but when i watch it from my phone its annoying.remove it please!!

  • princess kaycee

    I knew it that the doctor’s words had double meaning towards it.. plus he always had a lot of time exposure, meaning he may be the killer. And with that preview I might be right. I wonder what Park kwang ho’s reaction will be once he finds out that Prof Shin is his daughter. And his other reaction when he finds out he is playing cupid with Kim Sun Jae (the lil baby boy he used to carry back 30 years ago) and his daughter. Hahaha for sure he will hit Sun Jae again hahaha jokes.. xD After all that’s what a dad does hehe 🙂 I hope that we will be provided with a father daughter moment though. 🙂 I love iheartdrama! Thank you for always having the subs updated so quickly God bless to you guys! Fighting!!