The Man From Nowhere

Title: The Man From Nowhere

Release Date: August 2010

Director: Lee Jeong-Beom

Genres: action, thriller, melodrama

Description: Cha Tae Shik (Won Bin) leads a quiet, anti-social life by operating a small pawn shop. Every so often the outside world intrudes upon his life in the form of So Mi (Kim Sae Ron), the little girl next door whose mother is a heroin addict. When So Mi’s mother steals drugs from a fearsome drug lord, she and her daughter are subsequently kidnapped. Using his powerful combat skills to his advantage, Tae Shik will do anything to save So Mi.


  • Robert Gale

    Loved every bit of this movie, so heart breaking yet the ending very heart warming. So many tears. Thank you for the upload.” BEWARE EXTREME VIOLENCE.”

  • momo


  • Joan Guades Dela Cruz

    The movies here is better hope u download more thnx