The King Loves Episode 35-36 English Sub


  • niagirl

    This show surprises me every week.

  • Pam E.

    he can’t die. crown prince will feel guilty for the rest of his life.

  • Jouki

    these few episode are too heartbreaking… … I see that it’s nearing the end D=

  • CritiquingDramas

    Yep, I was correct. Lin was gonna pull a ‘I’ll sacrifice myself’ towards the end. I’m applaud by the bs they made Lin’s character. It was obvious that Lin caused the misunderstanding and that he took the actions knowing he would create divisions, taking the prince trust for granted. However this episode… the production/writer made it as if it was all the prince’s fault for being ‘hot headed’ and blinded by the tragedies. But, up til now of the drama, all the price had been doing is making excuses to keep his trusts on the people he chose. They made Lin narrated bs lines like ‘I was always a step behind in order to see you’ and ‘I hope he don’t understand’ plus pulling that sword drop as if he’s playing a dirty guilt trip game.

    I’m sorry but this episode was the epitome of annoyance to me. San was annoying af too. Lin even spouted ‘you were always on edge’ as if the prince was always so cautious of him. The prince was cautious towards his parents and haters, defending Lin this whole time so that line have no continuity there. He was only on edge because lin started to lie, hide, and avoid the prince and San was playing innocent two timer. Anyone would’ve been on edge when their best friend all of a sudden did all these things. And when asked, they say something else… and to top it off your lover and best friends are flirting and hiding together but says it’s all for your sake instead…. for real??? Y’all digging this?

    Lots of rants as this episode really made me despise San and Lin.