The King Loves Episode 17-18 English Sub


  • CritiquingDramas

    Omg. That’s stupid of san. She said she’d do everything to keep their bromance but said that ‘her lady’ already have someone else in her heart. Awesome job on her effort to keep the bromance with an even more clear misunderstanding. Lol. She’s definitely not bright or script writer wanna bs.

    I’m hoping the bromance never falter… but the prince trust and efforts to keep believing and guessing Lin’s actions are becoming desperate. Come on Lin! Just talk with the prince, two brains are better than one.

    • vivi

      or maybe she just like Rin and saying the truth, if she is the one that hurt them the most, then the bad guy is her and not them.

  • ikonicarmy

    what is the intro song called?