The Fatal Encounter

Movie: The Fatal Encounter/King’s Wrath

Release Date: April 2014

Director: Lee Jae Kyu

Genres: action, historical

Description: King Jeongjo (Hyun-Bin) has been in power for only one year. He has already gone through several failed assassination attempts on his life and his hold on power is fragile at best. He trusts only his eunuch named Sang-Chaek (Jung Jae-Young) and the Commander of Geumwiyoung named Hong Kook-Young (Park Sung-Woong). Meanwhile, Queen Jungsoon (Han Ji-Min) and the vassals from Noron plot to assassinate King Jeongjo. Outside of the palace, Eul-Soo (Cho Jung-Seok) was raised as an elite assassin by Gwang-Bae (Cho Jae-Hyun). Gwang-Bae then orders Eul-Soo to kill King Jeongjo otherwise his love Wol-Hye (Jung Eun-Chae) will be killed.


  • John Sinclair

    On a grand scale, we witness plots and palace intrigue galore in the Great Joseon State. A hard life for those peasants living through it. Acting, production values … everything … is A+ in this epic flick. Some scenes are awash in violence and cruelty. Be warned. Still, I say thumbs up!