The Best Hit Episode 32 English Sub


  • ShEy Opamin

    Great ending 🙂 I enjoy this drama I will really recommend this. Saranghe Cha taehyun and Dongu Oppa.

  • Eli Shawonce-L

    i am emo now

  • mineonly88

    really love the NGs.. 😀

  • it was alright but what about MJ ?

  • This show was such a pleasant surprise! Enjoyed watching it without skipping any parts. Well done! Highly recommended!

  • p-ja mk

    finally, tho a bit delay due to data plan, i could finish this!!
    every episode is worth-watching and entertaining. The characters progressed moderately where the viewers could keep up the with the storylines. What I like about this drama is its ROMCOM. The comedy is really hilarious! The best part is NO ONE is superb evil-worth be killed!! only minor evil where he is just another dumb-evil neighbour who being fooled for countless time but no counterattack launched. LOL
    And Yeah, my ship is safely sailed!!!!!