• JewelNami

    Si Yoon, why so handsome… oetokeu…..

  • princess kaycee

    Wow this episode cracked me up because of the CEO (the old guy with the grand daughter). But I feel for Gwang Jae he is so awesome for swallowing his pride and saying that for Bo Hee (not sure how to spell her name hahaha) I mean seriously he really cares for her I wish she notices how much he does for her. But if Ji Hoon does become an idol and same goes for his mom for sure their lives will be uncovered because nothing is left secret in the entertainment industry. But man how I want to slap woo seung come on can’t you just think about saying yes to Ji Hoon I mean it doesn’t hurt to try. Plus if anything, for sure Ji Hoon would still be there for you and would do everything to see you happy. Don’t wait too long because for sure Ms. Determination might steal him from you. That number in the beeper of young jae I think could be a msg from himself or the person who made him disappeared? If I were him show it to Gwang Jae for sure he would know who is contacting our cute mr. thumbs up. Because Gwang Jae would just go to an electronic store to check it out or if he has connections could hack into it.

  • yanyan

    aaarghhh Mr.Dabong is stealing my heart!!