Suspicious Partner Episode 35-36 English Sub



  • Mery807

    thank you for the fast subs πŸ’œ πŸ’œ

  • MsUGC

    I still hate Yoo Jung’s character, she always seem to make herself a victim! arghh But loved the ep tonight, I got scared, creeped out but then I got to see both of them together again <3 and finally the truth is out between them, they could start settling the issues they cant seem to talk about. Thanks for the fast subbing!

  • I still wonder why Jung Hyun Soo kills people like the girl was his love right but like what happened to her like was it his doing or did he see something and it made him angry and wanted to get rid of every bad stuff

    • Dandelion&Burdock

      Just a guess at the moment, but I think she was sexually assaulted and committed suicide. When Bong Hee was looking into his past she came across a lot of articles about multiple assaults. And its quite plausible for someone who has gone through something like that to struggle emotionally and contemplate suicide. I have a feeling its a lot darker than that though, like maybe he was forced to watch or something.

      • If you’re correct then that’s horrible I will kind of feel bad for Hyun Soo even though he is bad :/

        • The ahm

          From what I understood, kim chanho and the guys who were with him on the picture were in the same hs as Jung hyun soo and the girl and they sexually harmed her and she commited suicide after her and hyun soo’s tryna get revenge for her and also killing whoever does the same thing as they did. just a guess

  • cottoncandy

    so strange why are you late with the eps?

  • Mabel Cordenillo Valdez

    Dong Ha as Jung Hyun Soo is getting better every episode , i always look forward to this serial killer’s next move… he is getting better in portraying his role…

  • jak

    um so if you in Korea and get EMS you have to do the work yourself? Damn why was she holding his wound and the worker is just holding the bag? lol so much for realistic-lol

  • jak

    this little kid is so cute I missed a few eps. who is he? I see he is on circle they must be in the same studio- I think sometimes they just write these stories as they are still airing so they are like “he’s cute lets write him in-” just to flesh out the story for the episodes- I like this random cute kid though

  • Oranges

    Oh yes let’s blame the 5 year old for his false testimony

  • Pekas

    This is where the writers get on my nerve whenever leave in a limbo a simple clarification as he was just coarced into that declaration being such a young age and traumatized with the death of both parents…i dunno instead of just her going weird on his confession…..

  • Kim Yoonmi

    λ‹€μ‹œ λ§Œλ‚œ 세계–Reunited Worlds. “Although originally born in the same year, two people end up being 13 years apart, an 18-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman.”

    BTW, One writer. Lee Hee Myeong. He wrote Girl Who Sees Scents and Beautiful Gong Shim, so it shouldn’t suck in terms of writing females. But the preview makes me think it’s going to be Makjang.

    That one will be 40 30-minute episodes. Or 20 1 hour episodes. Like this one is 40 30 minute episodes.