Suspicious Partner Episode 31-32 English Sub



  • MsUGC

    aw throwback memories! </3

  • Pamela Xiong

    The last part was scary and unexpected😫😱😱😱 So many memories… Ottoke?!?

  • TaeTaeVante

    Omg I want to know what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!! 아이고!! 어떻게!!

  • MsUGC

    aw throwback memories! </3 that last part with Hyun Soo though, made my heart jump back literally! OMO! I Loved the part where the little boy said 'Eomma!' and while looking at Bong Hee, the men's expressions were so lit, I literally died laughing hahaha!

  • Betty La Fea

    How can download it

    • Play it then right click on the video and “Save As”

  • Ashleynico

    I would love for them to adopt the little boy! <3 love love love this episode !!!!

  • Here comes the inevitable temporary break-up because of a misunderstanding that will eventually be straightened out after a couple of episodes 🙂

    Next episode slowly the knotted misunderstanding that lead to the break up is getting untangled..

  • Can I just say i love how natural they kiss and hold each other! The next morning scene how he held her was superb! the way they hold each other its like they melt into one another!

  • Jenni

    I screamed when she turned around and he was standing there….. scared the heck out of…