Suspicious Partner Episode 25-26 English Sub



  • p-ja mk

    WOW, he wasn’t afraid of prosecutor office nor the police office. he visited those places as an innocent civilian. such a psycho..

  • alwaysbeminoz(:

    At this point (in my opinion) it makes sense that Jung Hyun So dies. Why? Because Ji Wook already caught on to the fact that there is something Jung Hyun So knows that no one else knows.

  • Pekas

    Now what?

  • princess kaycee

    I have a feeling the person who either planted that evidence was that guy Eun Hyuk was talking too or Eun Hyuk. Because the only other people to have known where Wookie placed the evidence was Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk. Mr. Byun was in the hospital so he wouldn’t of known. I have a feeling that Jung Hyun So was killing people because of that girl, maybe his sister or girlfriend who was wronged or maybe raped by the people who he killed. Remember the chef person had multiple charges on women cases, thats why his sister was trying to hide that from the court, to be able to give her brother a good reputation even if he died. But it seems strange that the guy that Eun Hyuk was talking too started following Wookie and then caused that accident. But in a way I am glad to see Wookie showing off his healer/k2 moves hahaha kinda missed the action thats why xD I hope Mr.Bang pulls through haha I am missing his character.

  • Kim Haru Jess

    The villain guy is so psycho.Ji wook his the best ever in acting and then the way he hold bong hee is so sweety 😻😍 Thump’s up👍

  • Kookie

    What about the person who hit jung hyun so….