Suspicious Partner Episode 17-18 English Sub



  • Manuel Schoel

    My favorite show of the week is back!

  • MsUGC

    argghhh this show is giving me so much feels! they are so cute!

  • princess kaycee

    Awww Mr. No and Bong Hee moments are so cute!!!! But I often wish that Healer’s clingyness would be shown here hahaha to add more to the cute moments that would make all of us fan girls squeal, jump up and down and go to kdrama heaven hahahahaha xD Ok back to the review to this episode, I think that Ko chan Ho will probably come out of hiding and call up Mr.No. Hmm I feel like Wookie’s ex-gf might be next to die well maybe because she had to open up that she was going to reinvestigate bong hee’s ex-bf murder when the real murderer is sitting across from her. That preview though makes me worry for Wookie’s best friend bevause the people that he looks like he is defending on court must be someone close to him.
    And is it just me but the epilogue isn’t seen in the end like it mentions it but for me its a black screen with people talking about the coin slot.. Or is it just me.. anyways can’t wait for the next episode.. thank you iheartdrama for the fast subs fighting!

    • p-ja mk

      Agreed. Like they bong he remarks that she needs time more than 7 minutes.haha

  • cottoncandy

    i love you iheartdrama for always being the first

  • Cold G

    Chang Ji Wook’s puppy eyes are too cute. I don’t know how could anyone resist them! Anyway nice episode.

  • Pekas

    Thanks a bunch IHEATHDRAMA!!!! cooking my dinner first then to enjoy my fav actor CJW and his sexinesssssssssssss….btw I need this bc at work I get to see a hot guy everyday and today he smiled at me and I am just drooling and need forget about it hahaha bc I have a bf lol

  • jak

    ok they should make a webpage for us to buy All the little items and trendy clothing we see in these dramas called http://www.getithere. c o m- I want that little tea cup the saucer is also a lid of seeping- that is super cute and cool and I wonder why I never thought of making something just like that

  • jak

    what is the yellow mustard like sauce on the pizza? I know that is not gasp- MUStard????

    • Nayuka Nari

      I think it is a yellow mayonnaise. I’ve had it before and it is delicious.

      • jak

        ohhh so does that taste like mayo or what is it like? I am not sure how I feel about MAYO on pizza?

        • Nayuka Nari

          It is a little neon, but I remember that the flavor complimented the toppings! We drama viewers are a pretty brave group! It wasn’t with ham, but I can’t remember what it covered! Sometimes it’s best to let the pizza maker tempt us with a new taste sensation!

          • jak

            yes girl you right we are brave

        • Nayuka Nari

          Smiling as I read your response! I love mayo on my burgers and hot dogs and ham/cheese, and egg salad, and potato salad! So, I’ve taught myself… just don’t look at it to start with. I taste it first, especially as others seem to enjoy it, and then after my taste buds settle down from the gastronomical (sp?!) delight, I usually ask for more!! It could have a curry flavor, and I know that special homemade mayo, made with Dijon mustard is also absolutely delicious!

  • Vatha Seng

    Just wanna thanks iheartdrama very much. I just love this site. Please keep up the good work. Thank you thank you thank you 😊🙏🏻

  • selyra

    i like it when Cha Yoo Jung (ji wook’s ex) said ‘the killer might be in this house right now’….i don’t know whom she’s pointing out but I find it cool hahaha

  • alwaysbeminoz(:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Cha Yoo Jung kinda looked over at the killer and not Eun Bong Hee when she said “the killer might be in this house right now”??? Mostly because even though she is jealous rn she knows that Ji Wook wouldn’t do something unlawful.

  • Belen Castor Yngson

    Ohh Wookie, you’re so cute doing this romcom drama. After watching you since Smile Dong Hae, i have this feeling that you would turn into a great actor and i was not mistaken when you did the Empress Ki. Many good things is happening to your life right now and i am one of your million fans who is very proud of you. Keep up the good work to make your fans feel more happy and satisfied of what you are doing. Saranghae ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ummu Ditya Erliana

    LOL … cannot stop for laughing for both…. XD

  • Nayuka Nari

    Just love their staff meetings!! Right now, Kdrama Suspicious Partner and Tdrama The Perfect Match are my two favorite dramas!! Strong plots, awesome characters, fresh angles, suspense, tension, well directed, awesome scripts and a few heart stopping kisses to keep it just spicy enough! I forgot, the clothing is up a notch, too.

  • Nayuka Nari

    The DA fabricated evidence to catch his son’s ex gf? And, his staff is shocked, but they “understand”? And one of them is so crooked. Frustrating!! Compare the scenarios. There is justice for the murderer, and the (hilarious) representative, but not for the epitome, the bulwark of law, the DA? I hope that his actions are interwoven into the plot as it unfolds. There is no justification for his behavior – that sounds harsh, but he’s the DA.

  • MsUGC

    The office atmosphere is so cute! hahaha shared chores is the life! <3