Suspicious Partner Episode 13-14 English Sub



    OMO unexpected

  • princess kaycee

    where is episode 14? it only stopped at ep 13?

  • princess kaycee

    This episode was mind blowing seriously! And here I thought it was the other dude but boom it happened to be that person! Wow! I did not expect that though! But I have a feeling that the other guy that seemed sketchy in the beginning might be the accomplice or maybe an undercover police maybe trying to catch the real culprit. Either way this is getting good. And hopefully soon our ji wook will finally realize that he really wants to be with eun bong hee. I mean I can’t blame him though for not wanting to be in a relationship yet. He was traumatized with his ex gf cheating with none other than his childhood best friend, that’s gotta scar him. But I know Eun Bong Hee will make him realize that she is the rightful girl for him, and that his ex gf and his best friend can go together so that everyone wins and have a partner. I especially love the guy who didn’t let the boss and the childhood friend disturb ji wook while sleeping just goes to show he really cares for ji wook as a boss and friend. 🙂

  • Leah Lopez

    WoW! truly unexpected! it gives me chill

  • sweetcraftdreamer

    Is it just me who really likes the STRAIGHT UP REJECTION?

  • Belen Castor Yngson

    This is it, a story-like Agatha Christie novel..a story-twisted plot for every character as the story goes on.

  • ruthie♥

    now it all makes sense when the synopsis says the killer has amnesia.