Suspicious Partner Episode 11-12 English Sub



  • Lady Taboo

    I love this drama, it’s so funny 😀 Thanks for eng subs 😀

  • sweetcraftdreamer

    Is it just me, but wtf is the sex1500 link at the start of every ep?

    • Pekas

      lol too scary to check it out ouch!!!! haha

  • Pekas

    So cruel this ep….but beautiful done!

  • Angel Espineli Baltazar

    M so xcited to watch this!! 😊 caaaan’t waaait..
    Downloading.. Yay!

    • Jae Kim

      hi. how can i download videos here? thanks!

      • Angel Espineli Baltazar

        Play video, long press and then save.. Thats it.. ☺