Strongest Deliveryman Episode 10 English Sub


  • Srchng 4 smtg dfrnt

    These writers crack me up. Even when the characters are supposed to be poor, the writers just cannot stand to have the female lead be in equal standing with the male lead! What is this?! Initially, the male lead was a rookie and Dan-Ah was his supervisor (kind of) and then they were just coworkers, but now he has his own “company”, is a “CEO”, essentially got her fired and is now her boss? What are the writers doing? Do they really believe that this is supposed to be charming or cute?

    And the secondary leads! The female secondary lead obviously wants to be independent and is willing to work hard, but her mother overlooks her and instead chooses a man who is wasting his life and up to that point showed no initiative and was even in jail to run her business? Why not her daughter? This makes NO sense.

    I know the writers want to tell “romantic” stories, but do they ever consider the message they are sending to viewers and young people? Why is the idea of romance so strongly rooted in the man being richer or more powerful?

    • pineapple^^~

      I totally get what you are saying but it isnt exactly forced. Kang soo wasnt a rookie he has always been doing deliveries and is popular too meaning he does the job well. He saved money and so did soo ah .. they are young and poor ofc they’d save up. Both of them have big dreams and there is nothing wrong in being equals. They are in love plus business partners.
      Soo ah didnt become secondary or below him. If you notice carefully she still rules. I love her character so much. Strong willed and never gives up.
      Also just because you are independent doesnt mean youd do a good job. There must be a reason why ji yeons mom saw potential in the 2nd lead. Ji yeon screwed up many times at her job, yeah she is working hard but if she cant work at a coffee shop managing a company isnt going to be easy for her. The 2nd lead is working his ass off and im proud of him. Thank goodness they didnt make him into an evil character. He had a past and is moving on. Honestly im glad ji yeons mom had hope in him.
      Plus i feel like soo ah and kang soo are leveled. And even the 2nd leads are. If i remember correctly ji yeons family is richer than 2nd leads but im not too sure about that.