Secret Forest Episode 2 English Sub


  • ofmla

    I watched these two eps and I tried very hard to know the beginning of the story..maybe few more eps then I will get into it..thanks iheartdrama

  • pinkeu_pinkeu

    was this drama like beautiful mind?

  • Cuscusgrass

    Wow … How cool is the Prosecutor? He keeps a dead pan face … no expression, no reaction … They can’t read him. Sees everything … silently observes … mentally calculates … and remains collected. He only opens his mouth when necessary … and when he does…. it’s profound. He’s no fool.
    My new hero. 😀

    Most people to stay in the loop run their mouths too much revealing their thoughts, intentions and personal business. Not this guy. Love how he put the Chief Prosecutor in check. 😀
    “Drag me along” …. And mentally he’s laughing. Chief Prosecutor is somewhat stunned…..LOL