Secret Forest Episode 16 English Sub


  • bLanK

    man, another one of the best drama ended. Sad to see this drama go :(. GJ everyone

    • marinarb

      Yes, agree with you. Kind of missing Si-Mok Hwang and Lieut. Han. Good drama. Bet u there will be season 2. The prosecutor is smiling at last.

  • Cuscusgrass

    SMH @ Mr. Lee, Chief Secretary of the Blue House. He was not only a “monster” but a coward.
    Prosecutor Seo will never change. He will always be a butt kisser and an opportunist.

    I like Prosecutor Hwang’s idealism, but there will always be corrupt police, prosecutors and government officials. Money equals “power” … and those with power will continue use their wealth and connections to cover up their crimes. It is what it is….

    Thoroughly enjoyed this drama and it was good to see Hwang smiling at the end…thanks to Lieutenant Han. She is the perfect woman for him since she understands how he thinks…. 😀