Secret Forest Episode 12 English Sub


  • Nayuka Nari

    This has all the great genres in it, but I don’t see “romance”. I hope there is a romance between the prosecutor and the police detective. But, not a triangle with the junior prosecutor; she’s too twisted by revenge. (Characters of drama, not picking on actor!)

    • Cuscusgrass

      If there’s any “romance” I also hope it would be between the Detective and Prosecutor Hwang. She is good at figuring out how he thinks, and her drawings make him reflect on how he should “feel” emotionally.

      You’re right about Eun Soo … she’s too twisted by revenge.
      Her father asked Hwang to “protect” her …. but if she doesn’t watch herself, she may end up dead … or badly injured… physically or careerwise.

  • Cuscusgrass

    Just when you think you know the culprit who attacked Ga young ….you’re far from correct.
    What a twist….