School 2017 Episode 3 English Sub


  • p-ja mk

    Wow. This site always gives the fast sub. This does has a better quality video server Will come to this first after this.

    Okay, who is X actually? Likely those two are in the lists. take won has motive to fight against his father for always making ‘case close without further investigation’ by using his power and wealth. Hurm, and the class president has motive to turn down the school for a ‘reason’. The reason is unknown may likely or may not because of the dead friend. The deeds may worked by a group of underground students. This will get disclose one by one by the unintentionally involved inspired investigator. She gonna make things go upside down. Lol

  • I’m in love with Tae Woon is he the main lead? ( if he’s not no 🙁 )