• Rice Higa

    I cannot believe hwa gun is gone…
    But still my favorite person in this drama is ” gon ” he’s loyal and chill!!.. 😉
    Hopes gon don’t gone like hwa gun.

  • Cherry Ann Kwan

    I’m so sad for Hwa Gun,
    That was true love, and it goes for her protector Gon as well
    I love both of them
    Loyalty as its finest😍

    • Pamela Xiong

      I know so heartbreaking😭😭💔💔💔💔😭😭😭 Her grandfather is truly a monster😡😡

    • bLanK

      but now the crown prince has two of the best swordsman on his side

  • fiefaa26

    waaa, i cried so hard when hwa gun dead and when gon come to see her ! he cant even hold her hand even when shes’s dead already. but his loyalty towards his agasshii is superb !

  • Nelson Ranque

    I’m sad hwa gun is dead.. I like her so much..