• Pamela Xiong

    Omg yasss Chun Soo is alive!!!! Thank goodness!! I knew it because of his scar, no matter how much poison he has, he can not die. He has already been poison and cured already. So much tears though for this episode😭😭😭😭 Ga Eun he is still alive!!!!

    • KGH


      • Alissa

        It was in the first few episodes was when they told him that he wouldn’t die from poison

        • Pamela Xiong

          Now I remember

    • Rice Higa

      How do u know? I don’t believe he’s alive, he’s already dead didn’t you saw? Or maybe the act of he’s alive was hidden.

      • Pamela Xiong

        I know for sure he is still alive remember on one of the episodes, someone told him about that if Chun Soo does get poison he will not die because of his scar. That is why he has a scar but I can’t seem to remember what episode and who told him.

  • Rice Higa

    The end of the drama. Chun Soo got poison and he died and his royal friend also died so sad. They all gonna die when they grow older so just worried about generation. No more hope. Also, there is no way that he can be alive if he’s poison. No way. Well u know what, u think of an act that he’ll be alive.

    • Yàssîne At

      hmm i agree but it has to do with the mark on his shoulder maybe the poison he had when he was a child was for the greater good the means his body wont be affected by the puppy poison it would makes a lot of sence to be honnest .

      • SPAZZ

        “puppy poison” lol…i think you meant to say “poppy poison” 🙂

  • Cold G

    I say this in the nicest possible way: Lee Sun needs to die ASAP. I just can’t stand watching him anymore.

    • Pamela Xiong

      I agree, he changed so much and turned evil😭😭😭 Lee Sun what has happen to you

  • Sweetiej28

    Chun Soo will not die. Watch episode 1 on the part that he got poised when he was a baby. If he got poison again his scar will become red. His body is immune to any poison.

  • JewelNami

    The true crown prince will never die, because that tattoo on his back is the sole antidote of his body to any kind of poison.. if you will recall in the very first episode when he got poisoned and drunk the antidote. The doc or the prophecy said his body will manage any kind of poison that he will encounter. Though before he can truly sit on His throne He will endure a lot of pain.. he will soon persevere everything.. kudos for being on the top ratings as well. Thanks to the writer as well as the great performance of all the artist..

  • Mary Jean Leaño Hosoya

    its getting more interesting… uuummmm maybe i start to see this drama…


    nope….buddy u ain’t foolin me cause i know u aint dead…..in he first episode or so, they explain he can never be killed by poison because he is immune to even the strongest such as poppy wine……which means he ain’t dead!!!!!