Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 22 English Sub


  • JG Lyn

    so brilliant!!!! thanks for the fastest english sub:)

  • ofmla

    Yes thanks for the iheart for the fast english and good picture…hooi very annoyed …CP should do something and should believe the General because otherwise Dae MOk will do something worst like he planned to kill the General if unable to stop them from coning to the war…CP should stand up and fight to win the evil people…

  • ahjumma

    that queen dowager is pure evil ugh

  • Cold G

    I knew Sun would get greedy but I thought it would be more about power than about Ga Eun. I hate that the Crown Prince has basically told everyone who he is except for Ga Eun,

  • Nelson Ranque

    I hate queen dowager shit!!!

  • Honey

    Poor Sun, the fake king… Being used as puppet. But I hope he stays good person to the end but it seems like for his one-sided he may turn evil… Having bad feeling…

  • Honey

    I first thought… .. Wow first Queen happy with concubine’s child but in the end she was the one who tried to the heir…. Heart breaking scene….