Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 20 English Sub

  • Cold G

    It makes me so mad that even now the king has no strenght to make decisions and that for a silly thing as not being honest with Ga Eun she’s gonna become a concubine to Lee Sun.

    • Pamela Xiong

      I know right, what is going to happen next😭😭 I’m so anxious on what his decision will be, please chaebak don’t be a regretful one😭😫

  • IlIlIlIlIlI

    Gaeun is such a dumb dumb. If fake king wants her, he can keep her.

  • bLanK

    That cliffhanger though

  • Mary Jean Leaño Hosoya

    I hate this drama

  • Honey

    Really…. This series do not have boring pause yet. Story line is quite clear and also has good pace of speed. As my first reason to watch this series was Yoo Seung ho but now storyline also excited me as crown Prince behind the scene trying his best to clean evil society with the concern of his public’s safety…