Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 17 English Sub


  • somary sao

    omo~~~~thz~q admin for the eng sub……..xxD <3

  • Manuel Schoel

    I am a huge fan of Kim So-hyun but this drama actually gives me 2nd lead syndrome … female edition.

  • Edna Insui

    so fast thums up admin..

  • I like how hwa gun is srtong but when it Comes to her feelings and thoughts she is selfish she dosen’t care about the other part when it came to CP or her father
    She already know that he’s in love and she ‘s pyunsoo person she is one or his enemies i’m afraid the more she likes him the more she’ll do bad things

    • princess kaycee

      I agree with you but here is a thought though that she may become bad or in the end will either help killing the pyungsoo group for the sake of her love for the cp or dying for him to protect the cp against her grandfather thats what i feel might happen..

      • True i think so too unless she became evil

        • princess kaycee

          Well I think she will though because she met with the elders… And once she sees the closeness the cp and gae na (dont know if i spelled it right) for sure she will turn deadly evil!But I hope she will still be good though.. 🙁 Because I like her character..

  • cloverzee

    seungho <3

  • BtsSlayedMyLife _ARMY

    Yup, i have second lead syndrome again