Reunited Worlds Episode 4 English Sub


  • Yep! It’s official. This drama is a keeper!

  • usagi-chan


  • Joan Guades Dela Cruz

    This drama made me cry😭😭😭😭

  • Robert Gale

    Love this drama, so good must see next episode please. thank you for the upload.

  • Annanymous

    I have this wierd feeling that the plot of the story is that he will turn out to be a “grim reaper” in a sense that someone close to him will die and he came back to fetch that dying soul. And what if the dying soul is the girl. Ottoke. Hahahaha.. playing detective again..

    • Cuscusgrass

      I think he came back to eventually clear his name and to “mentally” help his family and friends.
      Poor Jung Won has been living with guilt for blaming herself, and the family suffered because he was labeled a murderer.

      Just hoping that he doesn’t have to go “back”…. but if he does, they will be stronger emotionally. Wouldn’t it be surreal if the “murderer” turns out to be the Chef that likes Jung Won? You know how Writers like to flip the script. (“playing detective” also) 🙂

  • Cuscusgrass

    Dude has to make a mental adjustment ASAP …
    Jung Won …. the past 12 years have been an emotional roller coaster. Poor girl…..
    Time to for him to clear his name and help his family….