Remember You

Movie: Remember You/Don’t Forget Me

Release Date: January 2016

Director: Lee Yoon-Jung

Genres: romance, melodrama

Description: Seok-Won (Jung Woo-Sung) lost 10 years of his memory after a car accident. He now has trouble identifying his family, friends or even himself. For some reason, he is afraid to know about his past. An afternoon visit to the hospital, leads him to sit directly in front of a woman in tears. The woman is Jin-Young (Kim Ha-Neul). Eventually, Seok-Won falls in love with Jin-Young. As the couple prepare for their future, Seok-Won’s past slowly begins to emerge.

  • Koyani

    Movie “Remember You”
    An Unexpected Journey into the Life of a man that has lost his memory…Do yourself a favor do not read the Synopsis…Just start watching…So you can be right “there” with him…The impact will be worth your while…Flawless Performances by Jung Woo-Sung & Kim Ha-Neul (of drama Airport) this Movie is 100…The writer a Master!