Queen for Seven Days Episode 4 English Sub


  • I’m gonna miss the young actors but glad to see the Old version it’s like nothing changed
    Ps i love the music in the sad sceens also that english song at end rĂ©pond me of one of healer ost it’s in english too maybe the same singer

  • princess kaycee

    Bossu!!! Hahaha that fighting scene you did wahhhh is that really you?! Hahaha xD I will miss the child actors they really played their parts well and I hope the young crown prince will one day be a leading man in his own drama and hopefully a reunion with the child actor who plays the Royal Secretary’s daughter who will be his leading lady. Kinda like Seung Ho and Kim So-Hyun in Ruler of the mask.. Anyways you can see how much in despair the King is feeling when he found out about the news, for sure it was all planned by that old guy and the girl he talks with who is trying desperately to control and manipulate the King. Even if he acted that way he still thought and cared for Yeok as an older brother would do.. But I really think that they will be having a love triangle with the King, Prince and the royal secretary’s daughter no doubt that would lead to make Yeok want to be King even more. But I wonder who helped him?! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • ella love

    why do i have this feeling of not wanting to let go the kids. they can already stand out and carry the whole story. they’re so good and so convincing. waaaahhh bring them back huhuhu