Queen for Seven Days Episode 3 English Sub


  • Dala Rifat

    Thanks for the fast sub!
    I really like the child actors, will sad to see that starting next week they’re gonna be adult T.T

  • Cold G

    This drama has been so good that I can only hope once the characters grow up the chemestry between the cast is as good as this episode.

  • princess kaycee

    OMG THE YOUNG PRINCE LOOKS JUST LIKE DANIEL PADILLIA IN HIS YOUNGER TEEN DAYS!! Ok back to the review I guess this is gonna be a love triangle between two brothers because of that preview. Plus I think thats what the prophecy the prophet told Chae’s parents about, thats why she shouldn’t get involved between the royal family, because it will cause a bigger rift between the two brothers. Plus I got to say LEE DONG GUN CONGRATS ON YOUR MARRIAGE AND LITTLE ANGEL ON THE WAY! Can’t wait for the next episode!

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