Queen for Seven Days Episode 20 English Sub


  • Pekas

    Gosh the end its here and noone has comment on it….i need comments please…i am too scary to watch ep 18, got stuck here so I am waiting to hear feedbacks to better prepare for this ending 🙁

    • mello yellow

      It is actually a bittersweet ending.

      • Pekas

        Oh ok that will do! thanks

        • Jocelyn Ancheta

          I shed tears… I love the ending coz it touched my heart. One of the best ending so far!

          • Pekas

            I did too! I have never cried with a drama ending…I have done it with literature books but never with dramas…this was so heartbreaking….

      • Pekas

        It was indeed! tears…

    • Baekhyun Taeyeon

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  • cheeseangel

    I would never understand why they have to be apart for so many years. But I guess, that’s how they love. At least in the end, they have the happy ending they wanted.

  • Champa Dinesh

    its a very sad ending

  • ansia

    I think the character of the nanny is the best! So cute!

  • Janice t dela cruz

    Nice drama & good ending thank u ☺