Queen for Seven Days Episode 18 English Sub


  • niagirl

    Beyond excellent!

    • mello yellow

      I am afraid to watch it and be heartbroken for a long time. Lol

      • niagirl

        It’s deep and powerful.

  • Belen Castor Yngson

    Omg, what a sad episode. Even though you achieved what you wanted, still there is something lacking in your heart. Poor Prince Yeok ang Chae Kyung, they are the victims of their fate. Hoping that their love for each other will prevail in the end, but i think i am just dreaming, lol..

  • mello yellow

    LDG, PMY,YWJ and all the cast-they all deserve an award for their outstanding performance on this drama. Hands down!❤️

  • Faith

    What a sad story and unlucky fate 🙁

  • 132mmy


  • aung thant

    Why why why 😭😭😭