• mello yellow

    This episode just breaks my ❤️. The king’s reaction to his heartbreak was to die for. Lol love how the writers know when to put comedy and romance in this series! I am loving this series too much already!

    • Nam Hye Rin

      me too.. 🙂

  • princess kaycee

    #TeamBossu este #TeamPrince FTW hahaha sorry but I love the prince and Chae Gyung love team. Plus I now understand why she would only last for seven days. There’s a lot of people who are against the prince and Chae gyung relationship. I also have a feeling if the girl who the queen dowager likes for the prince, has spies also in the castle for sure they would report what the King did. And eventually use it for their gain to split the prince and Chae up. -.- Sheesh the King has it all can’t he just let this one go. He has a lot of girls waiting on him and everything plus the queen too. He plain mean for doing that esp in front of bossu! 😡😡😡 I hope that we will have more cute moments with the prince and Chae even though I know this drama will hit me hard like it did with SHR! 😭😭😭

  • mello yellow

    Parki min young is the best! Her facial expressions! OMG! She nailed her character perfectly well!