My Secret Romance Episode 9 English Sub



  • Maraineil Gutierrez

    Thanks Iheartdrama!

  • Niki411

    Wow! I watched this a day early – and subbed too! This is a new feeling.

  • Alexandra Acosta

    I already know! Do not conclude so easily dude! You’re not Dong go’s father 😂😂😂 I almost believed that he’s the father

    • Soha

      He’s not ? Then who are his parents ?

      • acyd_burn01

        he’s Yoomi’s brother

      • Maniacal Personage

        remember her mom got married that same day?? its her mom’s son

        • Soha

          Aah! I thought she was so old to have children :p .. Thanx for the info

  • Lucifer

    How comes so early??? Happy happy!!! So there won’t be ep 10 this week?

  • bLanK

    wait so Dong Goo is Lee Yoo Mi’s son?? Or are they misunderstanding it?

    • ナă‚Șミ420

      Lee Yoo Mi does NOT have a son. She has never been pregnant. The kid is her mom’s child so that makes Dong Goo her half little brother

  • Chim Chim~❀

    For the people being confused, Dong Goo is not Yoo Mi’s son, but is her mother’s son, which makes Dong Goo her younger (step)brother. Yoo Mi’s mother had Dong Goo with another man, probably the one that she married three years ago, which is why Dong Goo is three years old. But because Yoo Mi did not want to reveal that she had a younger brother because she didn’t want to reveal family secrets and affairs, so she kept referring to Dong Goo as her dog. Due to some misunderstandings of both the chairman and Cha Jin Wook, both men now think that Dong Goo is Yoo Mi’s son, when in reality, Dong Goo is merely her stepbrother. *****Also, there will probably be an episode tomorrow. It is most likely they uploaded two episodes today because they did not upload an episode last week because of Korea’s election day. Therefore, episode 10 of My Secret Romance will come out. I am pretty sure of this fact, but there is a possibility I might be wrong***** Hope this cleared up any misunderstandings or confusions!

    • Vanessa Fang

      **half brother you mean

      • Barbara Edwards

        Exactly!! She needs to stop hiding the truth about her mom who is really special!!!!!

    • Thesnowflakes

      3 yrs ago yomis mom is 60yrs old that time so meaning that age is minopause.. i rather believe yomis mom maybe adopt dong go..i watch ep 1..yomis mom said she still hot and still get married 3 times even she is 60yr old..

  • privsaz

    omg the next ep looks so dramatic! I’m so keen!!!

  • Rozrokz

    OMG, her mom is super slutty. No wonder she covers up and feels that she cheapened herself by having a one night stand. The fact that her mom is flaunting her past really shows that she is quite the narcissist and expects her daughter to clean up after her poop. Sung Hoon is smoking hot in this episode.

  • yeol

    Oh noooo why the next episode looks so pressure i dont like it… Btw, they really look like a real family tho

  • Adi

    So anyone else has a feeling that the slutty mom is going to end up with the dad? I’m looking forward to their meeting because they are so damn different that I’m sure the scene will be hilarious even if I’m wrong 😀
    But I want to see some interaction between the secretary and the cook lady too… they are just too great on screen to be missing for so long 🙁

    • paradox.of.fate

      I have thought the exact same thing, Then my mind started brain storming and all the questions were racing through like: If that happened the Cha JIn Wook and Lee Yoo Mi would be step brother and sister! We cant let that happen! hahahaha

      • Adi

        True true… but the mom might not care to marry the dad :))) she seems more of a free spirit :)))

  • Elisea Buenaobra

    i just hope and i am really praying hard that dong goo would turn out to be their kid because despite the sad incident that happened to sung hoon and his mom, he is still going to try his best to work things out bet him and yoo mi with dong goo as a family…so it would be very disappointing on his part if it would not be the case

  • Abby

    it’s kindda hard to believe that it’s her mom’s son since the 3rd or last marriage she was already old to get pregnant. I feel that he is really Yoo Mi’s son. Since it was a one night stand it’s possible that her mom took it as her own son just so to avoid any criticisms and ruined her reputation as a woman. (just my opinion and wild guess).

  • wejdenne

    Will episode 10 air today? Because two episodes aired yesterday and I want to know if I should wait for this episode or start reviewing for my finals tomorrow!!

  • Thesnowflakes

    Inn my point of view maybe yomi pregnant then abandon her son because of the work or she give it to orphanage whatever where…and her mother spy her secretly and adopt her son without confirmation of her and make it her own son and told yomi dong go is her brother.. something like that..thats my own opinion lol..


      He is not her son he’s her half brother if you watched properly you would seethat she was surprised to see Dong Goo for the first time. After her mother’s marriage her mother got pregnant and had Dong Goo.

      • Thesnowflakes

        Its hard to believe her mom got pregnant she is 60 old that time..maybe i believe her mom adopt dong go rather than born a son..

  • Thesnowflakes

    If she knows that dong go is her disapointed very much,,because shes not act like mother to him..

  • paradox.of.fate

    Just maybe she tells Cha Jin Wook that its her brother, but he tells Chairman Cha that its the Chairman’s grandson just so the chairman allows the wedding? Gotta comment on how damn hot Cha Jin Wook looked walking out to the playground with little Dong Goo holding his hand. Wowza!!!! That was by far the sexiest look for me. Guess it also validates what a great father he will be. Hes going to make one woman very happy when he decides to get married.

  • paradox.of.fate

    All the ladies noticed too. Heck, I would have get his schedule down and make sure I was visiting the same time just for the view! 😉

  • Thesnowflakes

    I hoping too..we cant tell whats the real twist in drama..and i cant really read yomi face what happening 3yrs ago..she said she getting hard time thinking about ji wook ..not getting hardtime about she abort or she lost a child or what so ever..something kind of twist..right now we cant tell what happening in this next next episode..

  • Thesnowflakes

    I hope ji wook dad do some DNA test on dong go..if he doubting it

  • Rachel

    where is episode 10?