My Secret Romance Episode 8 English Sub


  • KdramaObsessed

    its finally here! I refresh this page like a million times. hehe. I’m so obsessed

  • Deby Murti Budi Raharswati

    soooo fast thanks u i heart u

  • Dragana Sisljagic

    I died a little bit durring this ep

  • Maha Al-Shammary

    please it is not opening or downloading please upload on other stream videos like dailymotion plz

  • Ajayi Boluwatife

    wow that kiss scene was…….

  • Pekas

    Awesome! is here….ima make me some dinner first to enjoy these two eps….thanks iheatdrama!!!!!!!

  • Belen Castor Yngson

    Super kilig to watch the two of them ….love, love, love… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • YoHan Kenny

    love love love is so good

  • Barbara Edwards

    Love these two together!! But isn’t that the mom’s baby?

  • Elisea Buenaobra

    i am hoping that it would turn out the kid is their baby…im sure everybody would love it

  • Elisea Buenaobra

    sung hoon is so manly…ohh how i love him

  • dramadrama

    Love the way he said yayyyyy when he pulled her down into the pool …

  • YoItsAyda Rath

    I love the theme song what is it called?