My Secret Romance Episode 11 English Sub



  • trixieann

    been refreshing page since an hour ago…finally! thanks so much!

  • Serene Mirage

    aaaaaaishh TT___TT Jan secretary broke my heart with that sad story :(((

  • Everlight

    someone kill the mother that stupid annoying bitch

  • 박알라라

    uuuh so in the next ep she is talking to his mother?

  • Michelle Yang

    Ok her mother need to disappear from her life. She ruded her life as a child and now as an adult. What does she want? She’s such a selfish mother!!

    • Jirah

      IKR like ._. please use your brain lee yoo mi’s mother

  • Natalia

    Is this the actual episode? I’m so confused to why there are 3 different sections in it!! I hope this is not all of it!!!

  • ShennyBelle#BTSBBMAs

    what is the schedule of airing the drama?

  • Jirah

    O.O woahhh It’s already been released here

  • Barbara Edwards

    The mother is really foolish no concern for her child!!!

  • Ajayi Boluwatife

    what kind of mother is she always putting her daughter in a difficult position. I would have disowned her since

    • ナオミ420

      Ikr!! The fucking mom gets on my nerves so much like I would’ve kicked her out of my apartment by now 😡

  • So many flashbacks. 🙁

  • when will the next episode release!?!?!?!

    • Kdramafanatic

      Check it at wikipedia. I think next monday cuz they only update during monday and tuesday T_T

  • Gita Sirini


  • Kathrena Zaragoza Arapol

    Oh my can’t wait to see the episode 12 😍😍😱

  • Changmin’s secret girl

    I lost count on how many they had kissed

  • Belen Castor Yngson

    Can’t wait for the ending. Love this romantic couple ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dins

    Admin, please upload and sub episode 12 please. Its already available. Thanks.

  • trymak

    Admin episode 12 please and guys if you have any whatsapp group of these drama discussions please add me +263771074862