My Secret Romance Episode 10 English Sub



  • arclou


    this episode just slayed me…!!!

    i really truly like him sinCe i watched him in Noble My Love. He IS a good actor…. the tears how natural they came.

    Eye expressions…. CHECK!!!
    Display of Emotions…… CHECK!!!
    Physical Display….. CHECK!!!

    Overall Impact??? JUST W..O..W!!!

  • Natalia

    This episode was so savage on my heart! I can’t believe this! I know that it was pretty shallow of the producers to make this episode so heart wrenching, but I’ve got to admit it really got to me. I laying in my bed shouting at the screen with tears flowing down my cheeks by the end of it. I might be gullible, but these situations get me so upset every time! This is the first time I cried from watching kdrama. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. ❤️

  • Barbara Edwards

    Relationships can be a challenge because you have to accept the good with the bad! It’s a good story i really enjoy it!!!

  • melismiles

    The video keeps freezing!! Can’t watch past 24 min. 😭