My Sassy Girl Episode 9-10 English Sub



  • ss.aran

    so fast! thankssssss iheartdrama <3

  • niagirl

    Unf, Officer Kang.

  • liliinokpop

    Thanks for the very fast subbing of this drama ~ Can’t wait for the next episode

  • Anam Tehreem

    thankew 🙂

  • Abrar Samen

    did that just translate to ‘fifty shades of gray’?

  • OliviaBlack

    Thanks so much.

  • Cold G

    it was so obvious it was a trap specially with that many people outside her room how could he get her that note if he’s on the run? In an unrelated note Joo Won is looking so good in this drama. Just saying.

  • Had a feeling the ring was her mom’s the queen and not a boyfriend..