My Sassy Girl Episode 7-8 English Sub



  • thank for subbing sooo quickly

  • Yay it’s out and subbed! You guys rock! Although it’s 1.40am here in Sydney I was hoping to watch this before sleeping.. and you guys delivered! Kudos! Looks like I’ve found a site I’ll be spending the wee hours of the morning at.. plus your videos load up with no issues even on slower connections!

  • This drama is loaded up with the most cliche romantic moments in KDrama land and here I am soaking it all up! Yes there are times when one likes to be overly inundated with romance.. luckily the leads are pulling off the romance and comedy perfectly!

  • Jo Tolosa

    it says 7 and 8 but i thought it was only half episode.Is 8 coming separately or this is it..I’m confused with this half and half format.

    • Maxie Buen

      so this is where you guys are

  • Ma Lourdes Angel Garcia

    Where is ep 8….anyways thanks for the fast sub iheartyou..kamsahamnida😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Gene

      Try this wedsite dramacool i have ep 7and 8

  • Jo Tolosa

    ….thank you i heart drama for saving our dramalives… say it k drama style…when the lights of other websites were shut off,yours was shining bright…!!!!

    • Ma Lourdes Angel Garcia

      Ya iheartdrama has the only one working now… and they subbed so fast…

  • ss.aran

    thanks iheartdrama for subbing sooo fast and the video work well!!! 😉

  • liliinokpop

    Thanks a lot for subbing so fast ~

  • liliinokpop

    This episode was funny XD

  • LLei Bolivar

    Can i download it?

  • thatbarella

    I really hate a reckless woman character. Sigh

  • thatbarella

    Wait so what ep is this lol

  • Cold G

    Finally this drama starts to make more sense…

  • OliviaBlack

    OYS is a phenomenal actress and she fearlessly portrays an unflattering image when directed, even in a culture that always puts being beautiful at a premium. One of the reasons why she’s won “Excellent/Best Main Actress” in 3 out of 4 of her last dramas. Hopefully soon the “Love Line” will take precedence in MSG and their ratings will rise.