My Sassy Girl Episode 13-14 English Sub



  • Pamela Xiong

    Omg what is going to happen next😭😫😫 I feel so bad for the princess😭😭😭 But the princess needs to be strong, Fighting!! Don’t give up on finding your mother and get revenge!!

  • EiraOfTheNorth

    The story is getting sooo interesting already! It started slow, but man am I loving all the action! And the princess’ character development is really amazing! I’m so happy to see that she’s finally acting like the princess she truly is! 🙂

  • Dara

    she’s so reckless and makes me mad at times but i can understand her. She needs to think it through if she wants to win against those snakes.

  • jak

    This $hit is so BORING! the princess is annoying and the story is dry- I am going to stop here!