My Sassy Girl Episode 11-12 English Sub



  • ss.aran

    you guys are always fast!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 thank you thank you…

  • Erah

    Thank you so much!! 🙏❤️

  • Yay it’s up!

  • RandomHappiness

    the sub for this drama hella fast!!

  • ofmla

    Master Gyeon is marvelous but the sister and the mum are very annoyed…thank for the iheart so good picture and subbed clearly and fast…cant wait for the next ep

  • And thank you so much for keeping the 2 sub episode together into 1! The story flows much better without having to load the 2nd part..

  • The chemistry of the leads are on point!
    The romantic scenes maybe cliche but it works well with these actors!

  • liliinokpop

    thanks you’re so fast again !!

  • KdramaObsessed

    hahaha, her struggle is real!!

  • Cold G

    Loved this episode the princess has improved a lot.

  • MsUGC

    The episode shows the struggle of the princess to say kumasamida to Gyeon Woo hahaha its literally funny. The bed scene was even more hilarious! I am loving his father, he’s pretty cool for an appa! <3 I am wishing to see the backstory of Master Min, and reason why the princess is so attached to him. Hating the other girl though, don't want to remember her name! 😛 Like father like daughter, evil to the core!