My Brilliant Life

Type: Movie

Release Date: September 2014

Director: E J-Yong

Genres: drama, family, tearjerker

Description: A young couple, both of whom are 17-years-old, learns that they will have a baby. The couple feels uneasy and with their heart beating faster than ever, they wait for the birth of their first child. Finally, they have a beautiful boy. Their baby is named A-Reum and the couple learns that he has Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic defect that will cause their baby to show advanced aging from an early age.


  • Robert Gale

    What a beautiful story, loved it the tears fell. Thank you for the upload.

  • paradox.of.fate

    A movie filled with love. They couldn’t have picked anyone better to act in these roles. Exceptionally done by all. Kang Dong Won was perfect as the unconditionally loving father. He definitely showed his talent in this one. Song Hye Kyo was better in this role than Descendants of the sun. At least there was emotion that was heartfelt. I would recommend, but expect plenty of this. T^T