Total Episodes: 50

Status: Completed

Genres: romance, melodrama

Description: There are group of people who are privileged to rule the society. Among them, some are excellent leaders who are called ‘Noblesse Oblige’. Others don’t hesitate to be cruel to the weak people so that they can get top of world for bigger authority. We call them a monster. But they do have a weak point. Their incontinent ambition and greed are Achilles’ heel of their weakness. There is a man who dig into the inside details. Lee Gook Chul (Kang Ji Hwan) who once was a heir of a big hospital lost everything to the close friends, and realize when he hit the lowest point in his life that he once was a monster to others. He changed his name to Kang Ki Tan with the help of secret lobbyist. Oh Soo Yeon (Sung Yuri) is working at the lawyer’s office during the day and going to the law school at night to succeed. She figured Ki Tan is Lee Gook Chul, does her best to save Ki Tan who is in danger. “Monster” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Joo Sung Woo. The series is produced by Jo Yoon Jung.

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