Movie: Monster

Release Date: March 2014

Director: Hwang In-Ho

Genres: thriller, comedy

Starring: Lee Min Ki and Kim Go Eun

Description: Misunderstood and labeled as the resident crazy lady, Bok Soon (Kim Go Eun) has no one to turn to once her younger sister is murdered by Tae Soo (Lee Min Ki), a cold-blooded serial killer. Pushed to the edge, Bok Soon takes matters into her own hands and goes after Tae Soo herself — but just who is hunting who?




  • Cuscusgrass

    Oh my .. Oh My! This movie….wow… just WOW!!
    The dangerous situation … and Bok Soon’s mentality…. Pulse racing at times ….
    The Killer loved his family but they were afraid of him. Dude was cold blooded….