Miracle in Cell No. 7

Type: Movie

Release Date: January 2013

Director: Lee Hwan-Kyung

Genre: melodrama, tearjerker

Discription: A father (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), who is mentally handicapped, but loves his daughter very much, is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. Later, his daughter Ye-Seung (Park Shin-Hye), who is a law school student, works to prove his innocence. Yong-Goo is accused of kidnap and murder. The father of the dead girl is also the chief of the National Police Agency. Yong-Goo is given the death penalty and incarcerated. In prison, Yong-Goo shares a jail cell with five other inmates. One day, Yong-Goo saves the life of his cellmate So Yang-Ho (Oh Dal-Su) from a rival prison gang leader. So Yang-Ho then offers to help Yong-Goo in any way he can to return the favor. Yong-Goo tells So Yang-Ho that he wants to see his daughter Ye-Seung. The five inmates then plan to make a miracle happen.


  • paradox.of.fate

    Gem in the rough. (Didn’t look like much and no reviews?) Wow I was so glad I picked this one to watch. Wondered why nobody had comments which concerned me a little and wondered if it was and old movie? Needless to say, I’m glad it didn’t deter me from watching it. Although I looked like this T^T the entire show, it melted my heart. Love the story and so many great actors. 5 out of 5 stars!!

  • Dong Qi Zheng

    My gosh this was a beautiful movie. I cried at the end like a baby!

  • Maria De Leon

    What was the point of a retrial to clear his name if they killed him? This movie broke my heart. Wrongful death and crappy justice system.