Man Who Sets the Table Episode 3 English Sub


  • Vaslim62

    Sorry, but putting a wig on 60 years old people to make them appear 40 years younger doesn’t work. They still look old with an outdated hairstyle. 😵

  • Shreya Mukherjee

    Why is it showing disabled on the top??

  • Ding

    Dear Dad.. why are making it so hard..

  • Pekas

    First at all, the main lead actress is so freaking pretty!!!! now moving on with this ep…my goodness with that dad!!!! he just beat the crap out of them….thats not funny!!!!!overall I am really enjoying this drama!!!!

    • Vaslim62

      He is a major [email protected]$$ and a pain in the @$$! I don’t like him nor his son.😒

      • Pekas

        I agree too!

  • jak

    i dont like the girl and the manager is controling its like she found her Dad a low key abuser