Man to Man Episode 16 English Sub


  • Mary Jean Leaño Hosoya

    wow love this drama so much how could i move on….. hotttooookieeeeee its end alreadyyyyy. my weekdays never be dsame again i will missing this badly….huhuhu love u agent k….

  • princess kaycee

    How can I move on from this drama?! THIS DRAMA WAS SO LIT!! I hope that they make a sequel or something regarding the past of agent K so that the cast can have a come back again!! JEBAL! But if that can’t be just a reunion drama for all of them because I will miss them so much especially agent K!!! 😭 They made everything come to pieces in the end and unlike other dramas where the ending sucks this one was my cup of tea. Yes its sad that there wasn’t anymore sweet moments with agent K and Cha-do-hyun ( dont know if i spelled that right) but at least the cute moments were there like when agent K was being all cute just to get the girl’s attention to spend time with her. I definitely know that I will rewatch this drama again because this drama is everyhing! ACTION/COMEDY/BROMANCE/FANGIRL SERVICE (ahem talking about just Park Hae Jin’s hotness) all roled up nicely in this drama. I hope for more drama with this amazing cast in the future esp Park Hae Jin! Thank you iheartdrama for subbing this! 🙂 🙂

  • Cold G

    I didn’t love the last four episodes but it still was one of my favorite dramas of the year for sure! Loved the ending…