Man to Man Episode 15 English Sub


  • princess kaycee

    Wow this episode was daebak!! Of course mi-eun would be able to tell if her husband was lying because hello, she was an actress/secret agent, she definitely would know if anyone was telling her the truth or not. The NIS director is really getting on my nerves like seriously making everyone pitted against each other like that esp bet mi-eun and her husband. But what happened in the end was awesome they were able to turn things around with that now all they need to do is get the traitor as well and then it will be all over. BUT!!!! I DON’T WANT IT TO END NOOO!!! I WILL MISS ALL THE CAST IN MAN TO MAN ESP AGENT K!! HUHUHU I HOPE YOU GET MORE ROLES RELATED TO THIS YOU ARE AN AWESOME ACTOR! And of course I would like to have for them a reunion cast again in a different drama, kinda like how the REMEMBER cast (except for seung ho, min young and the dad actor in remember) all came together in this drama. Like the villain nam gyu man, of course un-gwang oppa (BROTHER) and of course the side kick/CEO of Chewing. But I am glad in the preview it looks like our adorable prosecutor will be ok.. 🙂 I will have a hard time saying good bye to this drama but I know that this drama is something I will rewatch once I am done with the other ongoing dramas I have.. xD

    • p-ja mk

      Agreed. time for Mi-eun, son and un-gwang be happy. hope for happy ending for Cha-do ha agent wannabe and agent K as well. yeah!

      • princess kaycee

        I don’t want to spoil anything but lets just say in my kdrama world I imagined that will happen for Mi-eun and Un-gwang.. Cha do ha and agent K will get the kind of ending that we all wanted at least hahaha xD Seriously I don’t know how to move on this drama is the best ever!! 😭 I hope for kore park hae jin drama though!