Man to Man Episode 14 English Sub


  • Amin Wahyuningsih

    thanks for your hardworks.. love it.. have a niceday..

  • princess kaycee

    Wait.. what? How!? My mind was completely blown by that revelation that it was that person!! HUHUHUHU its like pretty little liars when they first revealed CECE as A saying that the person who was the MOLE only showed up on a few episodes!! I was really thinking it was either Mi-sun or maybe the body guard of Congressman Baek but THAT person!!! GASH!! And wahhhhhh!!!! Seriously I loved Prosecutor Lee he was like the comedian handler for Agent K!! HUHUHUHUHU writer-nim why so cruel?!!!!! NOW ON THAT PREVIEW IT BREAKS MY HEART I JUST HOPE THE ENDING IS OK… I DON’T WANT TO SEE BABE AGENT K CRY… 😢😢😢

  • p-ja mk

    get fast subb here. million thank!

    this episode reveals too many traitors…

  • Ajayi Boluwatife

    wow a really unexpected person was the mole. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Jean Leaño Hosoya

    i really love this drama…. very satisfactory sooooo amazing wow na wow lang talaga xa…. otokieeeee…..

  • Mary Jean Leaño Hosoya

    thanks a lot iheartdrama .tv for a very nice sight…. god speed…. love ur sight…